Who's Pooping?

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Kermisha (3 days ago)
My cat likes to lick and eat weird things. Like sometimes he tries to lick my armpits. Anyhow, things just got a lot weirder. As usual, when I'm pooping, my cat likes to sit in front of the toilet and he often tries to get up and see what's happening in the toilet. So, today I was taking a poop, and as usual my cat was front and center trying to get a good view of the action. I was having a really difficult poo and it was really messy and sticky. I knew that it was going to take a lot of wiping after I finished. There was a lot more sticky shit stuck to my ass-cheeks than expected. And when I stood up to wipe, my cat hopped up onto the toilet seat and then shoved his head in my crack and started licking and eating the poop right off of AND OUT OF my asshole! I WAS MORTIFIED! And this wasn't a gentle lick either. This was a ninety mile per hour chow down going on in my butthole. I wanted to vomit my guts up at first. But then it turned me on.

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Liquid Chunks (5 days ago)
Lately, anal has been underwhelming for me. So, I'm trying to turn up the volume so to speak. My boyfriend is great. But his jack hammer has stretched my asshole out. So, it's not a intense as it used to be. So, now I have him put it in my ass when I have to take a dump. And the combined pressure of my shit and his cock in my asshole makes for a VERY intense pleasure. It's like trying anal for the first time all over again. Every time he thusts, my asshole feels immense pressure from every direction and shits splatter out of my cheeks. It is the hottest experience of my life. Now, I'm trying to get him to let me do it to him because my dick has already stretched asshole out pretty badly too.

Candice F.'s gravatar

Candice F. (a week ago)
Just had a weird incident with my boyfriend. I like to toss his salad sometimes. But just now, while tossing his salad, he "accidentally" sharted while I was eating his ass. The weird thing is, I actually liked it. It made me super horny and I just went crazy on his asshole wit my tongue after he sharted. It was almost like the shart made it hotter and WAY tastier. I know it sounds weird, but I'm CRAVING to eat his asshole again right now. I guess change is good!

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Kelvin 92 (11 days ago)
OK, I just got a package in the mail from Korea. I ordered a dried rat poop delicacy. It's delicious and hilarious. You can't get it in America, which is stupid, so you have to order from South Korea, where it is a popular treat. But guess what! I'm sitting on the toilet, taking a poop, holding my pet rat, while EATING Korean Rat Poop treats! Isn't that AWESOME!?!?!?!?!

Janine R. S.'s gravatar

Janine R. S. (12 days ago)
Awesome, Brompler! I'm sucking my boyfriends fat-ass cock right now in between slurping gulps of soft, hot shit from his asshole. Nothing turns me on like ingesting semen and shit at the same time while a big hard cock mixes it all together in my mouth. Dinner is served!

Brompler's gravatar

Brompler (12 days ago)
YO, I just hooked up a long tube from my ass to my mouth and I'm drinking diarrhea straight out my ass, with some tequila shots right now! What up, y'all!

Keypizzle Sizzle's gravatar

Keypizzle Sizzle (2 weeks ago)
Just got Super horny over my diareah. I shit it in a big bucket and poured it all over me. Diareah running down my spine. And off my butt. It smelled of dead cats and rotting flesh. I shouldn't have at the tacos i found at the border. My butthole is on fire. It's like a dragon. It feels nice when I put an ice cube up my butthole.

Gyranus's gravatar

Gyranus (2 weeks ago)
Hey, Keypizzle, your best bet is probably to take a bunch of your diarrhea and put it in the freezer to freeze it into the shape of a big dildo. Then you can take the frozen diarrhea-ice-dildo and starting fucking your butt-hole with it until you feel better. Then, stick it in your pussy. Plus, when it starts melting, the diarrhea will act as a natural lubricant inside your pussy or butt-hole. Just give it a try! If the diarrhea melting doesn't provide enough lube, try taking a big gulp of your diarrhea and then tilt your head back and let it all spill out of your mouth and run down your body. When the drips get down to your pussy, just keep fucking yourself with the diarrhea ice dildo while the liquid diarrhea acts as a lubricant.

Plastopoop's gravatar

Plastopoop (2 weeks ago)
Ok ... I need my diarreah dildos!!! Oh how I miss the wet sensation puncturimg my ass hole while my husband shrek spreads my cheeks and lubricates them with his earwax. I miss choking on my limited edition keypizzle frozen dicks while regurgitating on the sandwich polices testicles. I ordered the dildos and I got back two frozen lushious bloody tampons instead! I used the tampons temporarily as my frozen dildos and enjoyed it while the fishy odor arose to my was as if I could almost taste its bloodiness bouncing on my tastebuds. As my rancid semen squirted out and oozed its way into my navel (belly-button)shrek flew out of my window and his last words were "this is my swamp" before he could leave I grabbed him right in the middle of my bloodsterbation and slowly whispered in his ear "u are love, u are life"!!!

Twizzler09's gravatar

Twizzler09 (2 weeks ago)
I think I accidentally started throwing up diarrhea just now. I don't know what happened, but I was choking and then I started to barf. But the barf was made of poop (caca)??? I was astounded! So, I tried tasting the material just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. And sure enough, it was liquid doodoo pouring straight out of my mouth! I opened my mouth and just tilted my head back and I was projectile vomiting diarrhea all over the place! Like a diarrhea canon! It was going all over everything and out of the window straight onto an old woman who was walking down the street. I got diarrhea all over her and inside her mouth. Next I think I'll use a tube to force diarrhea out of my mouth and into my vagina. Maybe in 9 months I'll have a shit baby?

Butt_Shocker's gravatar

Butt_Shocker (2 weeks ago)
What up, fellow poop-sluts? Y'all hangin in there? As for me, I'm droppin em long and strong right here in the bathroom at my house. I got a really nasty one squeezing out right now and I'm afraid the smell could gag a maggot. As it happens, my partner likes the smell of fresh feces. So, I am currently receiving my first 'blumpkin' as we speak! It feel great to penetrate a hot, moist mouth while dropping a seriously nasty brown-load! I think this might be what life is all about. The only weird thing is, my partner said they gave my dog a blumpkin the other day while they were walking it in the neighborhood. I guess I'm getting my dog's sloppy seconds? (LOL) Well, whatever. Getting some stench-head is absolutely killer no matter what!

Gizmo Anus's gravatar

Gizmo Anus (2 weeks ago)
I'm eating a piece of shit right now while masturbating! Pure ecstasy!!!

Derek Zzz's gravatar

Derek Zzz (2 weeks ago)
Hey. Today I tried something new in private. I froze a piece of shit in the freezer and then I took the frozen shit and I butt-fucked myself with it until it melted. It felt SO good. I was so turned on that I accidentally shoved it down my throat a couple of times. Because I like to take a dick in both ends when I'm having fun. You guys should try it!

Super Tony's gravatar

Super Tony (2 weeks ago)
Taking a huge dump right now. And boy is it turning me on! Every time I squeeze out more shit, I cum a little bit more. I'm moaning and groaning like a prostitute on her very first day or work! There's a puddle of cum in front of me and a puddle of diarrhea behind me. I just spread my legs on the floor and now I'm doing the splits while spinning around in my juices on the floor, like a blender in a sea of human goop! When I'm done I think I'll lick the floor clean. My cat's already trying to lick it up right now, but she'd better leave some for me!!!

Amy C.'s gravatar

Amy C. (2 weeks ago)

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