Who's Pooping?

Chacha Wilson's gravatar

Chacha Wilson (4 days ago)
Hey there, everybody. I just went to the dog park and I had a great time masturbating with pieces of dried dog shit. It was ECSTASY. I grabbed the biggest turds I could find and I stuck them deep in my pussy and fucked myself with them until I came. The smell of dog shit mixed with vaginal fluid was an extreme turn on for me. I think I'll be going to brown-town down-town more often. ;)

pooper's gravatar

pooper (4 days ago)
My eyes tear up when I poop. Tears of happiness

Brandy's gravatar

Brandy (5 days ago)
Had Subway last night. So of course I have to poop.

flindler's gravatar

flindler (6 days ago)
I just reached into the toilet and pulled out a turd from my butt-hole just as I pooped it out and I just swallowed it immediately LOL!! I have brown teeth and I'm love it!!! 4 stars!!

Nicole's gravatar

Nicole (a week ago)
Just taking a niiice long shit

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poopygirl123 (a week ago)
it's good to know there's other people out there that are so bored on the toilet that they decide to google "im pooping"

grace's gravatar

grace (a week ago)
pooping in public is so stressful wtf I'm sitting here holding in my poop waiting for someone to freaking flush or cough or something

John's gravatar

John (a week ago)
I put pee out of my penis and into the toilet

John's gravatar

John (a week ago)
I put pee out of my penis and into the toilet

Brapton's gravatar

Brapton (9 days ago)
Hey, John, I know what you can put in your pee-pee... SHIT! Try shoving some shit into your pee-pee why don't you.

John's gravatar

John (9 days ago)
I put things in my pee pee

PeepingTom69's gravatar

PeepingTom69 (9 days ago)
I've failed you all

Jiptron's gravatar

Jiptron (12 days ago)
yo mama so fat she has to shit in the bath tub

Skeckler's gravatar

Skeckler (2 weeks ago)
I was just eating some delicious soft serve. You know... soft brown shit in a cone? You just get an ice-cream cone and stick it right under your lady's anus and voila! SOFT SERVE! MMM-MMM GOOD!

Ellie's gravatar

Ellie (3 weeks ago)
I wonder if anyone's ever thought about how often I poop

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