Who's Pooping?

Andrew's gravatar

Andrew (3 weeks ago)
I am pooping right now. It burns so bad. My butthole is telling me to stop but my intestines are saying "fuck you" to my asshole.

Jeff V.'s gravatar

Jeff V. (3 weeks ago)
I'm constipated

Terry G.'s gravatar

Terry G. (4 weeks ago)
Oh wow! I'm really flexible and I just penetrated MYSELF with my own feces! Here's how: I curled my ass up toward my face and rested my weight on the back of my neck. In this posture I can lick my own pussy for hours. But I did something better. I started to take a big dump and I swallowed it down my throat as it was coming out! I was like a snake swallowing its own tail! But better yet, it was feces, and I swallowed it whole. Yum!!!

Shrop's gravatar

Shrop (4 weeks ago)
More like dicklicksic

Doctor's gravatar

Doctor (4 weeks ago)
Also Bindler I am lysdexic

Doctor again's gravatar

Doctor again (4 weeks ago)
If you know anything about mental health cases Blinder then you would know that coprophagia is a common symptom among those who suffer from schizophrenia... Kids let this be a lesson to not speak about topics you know nothing about! Also I'll reiterate if you eat your shit you probably are a schizophrenic. If you just have a scat fetish then you are probably just German.

Bindler's gravatar

Bindler (5 weeks ago)
No. Wrong. It's not schizophrenia. It's called 'coprophagia'. WAKE UP and smell the brown loaf. And try a bite while you're at it!

Dr. Don't eat your poop's gravatar

Dr. Don't eat your poop (5 weeks ago)
People who eat their shit are likely to have a psychological disorder known as SCHIZOPHRENIA y'all better get your selfs checked out

Snalper's gravatar

Snalper (5 weeks ago)
I've swinging 2 big pieces of shit around in the air like nunchucks! I'm waving them around and they're slinging poop drops and shit water EVERYWHERE! I'm getting it down my shirt-sleeves, in the my eyes and mouth, on the walls, pretty much anywhere and everywhere! I even smacked myself in the face with one of them earlier. It's getting pretty wild in here!

Bill's gravatar

Bill (5 weeks ago)
I just took a dump and smeared it!

MissDaddyBitch's gravatar

MissDaddyBitch (5 weeks ago)
I'm taking a fat shit

fatty's gravatar

fatty (5 weeks ago)
I have the beer shits from last night. RIP.

turd's gravatar

turd (6 weeks ago)
Constipation with pebbles

Chacha Wilson's gravatar

Chacha Wilson (6 weeks ago)
Hey there, everybody. I just went to the dog park and I had a great time masturbating with pieces of dried dog shit. It was ECSTASY. I grabbed the biggest turds I could find and I stuck them deep in my pussy and fucked myself with them until I came. The smell of dog shit mixed with vaginal fluid was an extreme turn on for me. I think I'll be going to brown-town down-town more often. ;)

pooper's gravatar

pooper (6 weeks ago)
My eyes tear up when I poop. Tears of happiness

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