Who's Pooping?

Belmer's gravatar

Belmer (3 days ago)
You LOOK like a huge shit at the moment, Lulz.

Lulz's gravatar

Lulz (4 days ago)
Taking a huge shit at the moment

Gilper's gravatar

Gilper (a week ago)
You LOOK like a giant shit, Pooper.

pooper's gravatar

pooper (9 days ago)
I took a giant shit this morning

Nerm's gravatar

Nerm (8 weeks ago)
if i have worms coming out of my butt when i am pooping, and also even when i'm not pooping, then what do i do? they are small and long and reddish brown.

CrappityCroo's gravatar

CrappityCroo (8 weeks ago)
RN I am pooping. And listening to a playlist on 8tracks called 'songs to poop to' the playlist is in the website thing if you want to listen to it. I guess you can say

Squirt's gravatar

Squirt (10 weeks ago)
Im pooping while on the Wii U game pad WHILE my friends are reading this on the tv downstairs... its coming out

Curse you pizza hut's gravatar

Curse you pizza hut (10 weeks ago)
Dear god I am spewing hot lava out of my ass at the moment. Why did I think "Friday wing night" from pizza hut would be a good idea? I feel like I am being anally raped by satan while the talibans have invaded my stomach and are bombing everything in sight. Dear god why pizza hut. Why do you make your wings so fucking delicious only to give me this. What have I done to deserve this? I may actually not make it this may be a severe case of the shits. I am now going to have to miss work for the next week thanks to my asshole spraying everything in sight. Please tell my children and wife that I love them all.

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (10 weeks ago)
I came I crapped I conquered

Shirlissa's gravatar

Shirlissa (10 weeks ago)
I have a huge, firm shit log in my hands and I'm giving it a blowjob. I just keep shoving it back and forth in my mouth and down my throat. I'm gagging because it's clogging my throat and I am getting smears of shit all over my face, hands, teeth. It's everywhere and it's making me so wet that I'm practically cumming in my panties. I'm about to take this thing 'downstairs' and fuck myself harder than I've ever been fucked. No protection necessary.

mrs.shit's gravatar

mrs.shit (11 weeks ago)

just another pooper's gravatar

just another pooper (11 weeks ago)
I'm so self concious when I poop in public especially when there's a line of people waiting for me and the poop is stuck halfway :(

Niggah's gravatar

Niggah (11 weeks ago)
Bruh I'm pooping an this fucker won't come out omg

The Poopmeister's gravatar

The Poopmeister (11 weeks ago)
I ate chipotle last night. It's not going well for me now with my morning shit.

tarik's gravatar

tarik (12 weeks ago)
I'm reading a book while I am taking a crap . nice website anyway . hold on I'm going to flash

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