Who's Pooping?

Tiffany K.'s gravatar

Tiffany K. (16 hours ago)
Just ate 15 minutes ago. Now I'm pooping! I love it

Autumn's gravatar

Autumn (5 days ago)
I'm taking the biggest shit of my life in my boyfriends parents house.

Gomper's gravatar

Gomper (6 days ago)
What up, what up, what up, everybody! I made this special stool that I sit on, and it has a little nozzle that sticks up out of the seat. When I sit down on it, the nozzle goes in my butt-hole. The idea is that when I fart, the fart goes into the nozzle, and then through a tube and then into a big plastic bag. So, now I have a big plastic bag that is sealed full of farts. When I have sex with my partner, we turn the vacuum on reverse and it sprays fart gas out onto us and we huff it while we make love. There is nothing hotter than being blanketed with a thick layer of fart gas while you're boning your loved one. TRY IT.

Slaltrez's gravatar

Slaltrez (9 days ago)
I was just eating some delicious soft serve. You know... soft brown shit in a cone? You just get an ice-cream cone and stick it right under your lady's anus and voila! SOFT SERVE! MMM-MMM GOOD!

Tea-Bone's gravatar

Tea-Bone (2 weeks ago)
I kind of got real loopy in the bathroom just now. I just thought, "Why haven't I ever tasted pee and poop before?" And then I just busted out laughing! Then I got off the toilet and I just stuck my hand in the commode and I started swirling the poo and pee around with my hand, mixing it together to make a thick yellow-brown water. Then I just started splashing it everywhere and all over myself and slurping it down as fast as I could for the first time ever! It was deliciously wild and I feel so alive after doing it! I think I opened up a whole new side of myself and I think I'm going to get very dark and strange in the bathroom from now on...

Keypizzle sizzle's gravatar

Keypizzle sizzle (2 weeks ago)
I see you yeyo drinking my shit shakes boutta catch these diareah filled hands. Gonna fist the shit outta ur asshole. Hardcore anal then I'm going to take the shit straight outta ur ass and smear it all over ur back and from there on things get pretty dirty

Plendolitry's gravatar

Plendolitry (3 weeks ago)
i have a long turd growing out of my butt-hole right now. i say it's part of my body because it won't detach. i try to poop sometimes but it never drops out. it's just a part of my body now. when i'm not on the toilet i have the long turd wrapped in moist paper towels in order to make sure that it doesn't dry out and break off. i wrap it in the moist paper towels and i keep it my pant leg with one of my legs. it slides back and forth a little bit when i walk. sometimes i take off my pants and unwrap the turd in order to examine it, just to make sure it's ok. i use my wet hands to rub it up and down and smooth out any cracks that might occur. that's just the way my life is these days!

Xx's gravatar

Xx (3 weeks ago)
Uduud e e E E u se E e Enjeuud Ejjeje enejje

Bigdick Ben's gravatar

Bigdick Ben (3 weeks ago)
Did you know that mohhamad married a 6 year old and consimated the relationship when she was 7!!!? Its a fact! Now THAT is some sick shit!! A seven year old and it is not even a hidden or disputed fact. Seriously some sick shit!

Gizmo Anus's gravatar

Gizmo Anus (3 weeks ago)
I just bought a juicer. It's a machine that you put fruit in, and it just crushes it until all of the juice comes out into a cup. Well, I just set it up and tried juicing my feces with it. I put in a huge bunch of wet, juicy logs. And it juiced out a big cup full of brown juice. I just drank it and I got sooooo horny that I jerked off out of my kitchen window out onto the yard. My neighbors saw me but I was so turned on that I didn't care! This shit-juice is so DELICIOUS!

Snafu?'s gravatar

Snafu? (4 weeks ago)
Lately I've been frequenting the public bathrooms in the subway. They're pretty dirty, just the way I like it. I'm always able to find some floaters left behind by a fellow non-flusher. You've heard of bobbing for apples right? Well, what really gets me hot is to bob for turds. I get on all fours and I just shove my head in the toilet bowl and I eat those turds! When I do this, I'm on my hands and knees and I drop my pants down around my ankles, spreading my asshole wide to invite any naughty guy to drop his pants and give me a stiff one in the asshole. It works almost every time. They see my asshole spread wide, and they can't resist, so they drop their pants and they shove their fat dicks deep in my asshole while I chow down on a strangers turds. It's my most perfect fantasy and I do it everyday...

Palpler's gravatar

Palpler (4 weeks ago)
I just slipped on a turd in the bathroom and I fell on my ass lol! I was crapping and I guess things got out of hand because I accidentally dropped one outside of the toilet. So I guess I was just fooling around in there too much, because I totally forgot that I dropped a log on the floor. So, when I stood up my foot slipped on the shit lol! I got some of it in my mouth too by accident. But it totally doesn't taste bad at all. It's like GOOD lol. My shit tastes good.

Kermisha's gravatar

Kermisha (5 weeks ago)
My cat likes to lick and eat weird things. Like sometimes he tries to lick my armpits. Anyhow, things just got a lot weirder. As usual, when I'm pooping, my cat likes to sit in front of the toilet and he often tries to get up and see what's happening in the toilet. So, today I was taking a poop, and as usual my cat was front and center trying to get a good view of the action. I was having a really difficult poo and it was really messy and sticky. I knew that it was going to take a lot of wiping after I finished. There was a lot more sticky shit stuck to my ass-cheeks than expected. And when I stood up to wipe, my cat hopped up onto the toilet seat and then shoved his head in my crack and started licking and eating the poop right off of AND OUT OF my asshole! I WAS MORTIFIED! And this wasn't a gentle lick either. This was a ninety mile per hour chow down going on in my butthole. I wanted to vomit my guts up at first. But then it turned me on.

Liquid Chunks's gravatar

Liquid Chunks (5 weeks ago)
Lately, anal has been underwhelming for me. So, I'm trying to turn up the volume so to speak. My boyfriend is great. But his jack hammer has stretched my asshole out. So, it's not a intense as it used to be. So, now I have him put it in my ass when I have to take a dump. And the combined pressure of my shit and his cock in my asshole makes for a VERY intense pleasure. It's like trying anal for the first time all over again. Every time he thusts, my asshole feels immense pressure from every direction and shits splatter out of my cheeks. It is the hottest experience of my life. Now, I'm trying to get him to let me do it to him because my dick has already stretched asshole out pretty badly too.

Candice F.'s gravatar

Candice F. (5 weeks ago)
Just had a weird incident with my boyfriend. I like to toss his salad sometimes. But just now, while tossing his salad, he "accidentally" sharted while I was eating his ass. The weird thing is, I actually liked it. It made me super horny and I just went crazy on his asshole wit my tongue after he sharted. It was almost like the shart made it hotter and WAY tastier. I know it sounds weird, but I'm CRAVING to eat his asshole again right now. I guess change is good!

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