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plastopoop (10 hours ago)
Ok so i was shitting on the toilet taking a normal poopsterbation treatment when all of a sudden, i feel liquified shit pouring out my urethra, it had got all over me and i slowly pressed the delicate chuncks into my skin as i felt my long shit-filled dick arise, i was so horny! I went to check my mailbox before my shitgasm was over and i see a limited edition keypizzle diarreah dildo and a clone-A-willy kit. It was the best day ever and i punctured my ass hole with the diarreah dildo as the diarreah clone-A-willy kit was being frozen into the shape of my fat 7-inch dick, it was in the last moments of my shitgasm that i feel the very last bit of shit squirt out my dick and spew out my ass and after the lovely experience i lay in my bed exhausted and say to myself "shrek is love shrek is life"!!!!

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plastopoop (11 hours ago)

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dallas (a week ago)
What in the actual fuck. After this morning's shit. I ate chinese buffett. Got back to my shop and immediately felt that urge to shit. My anus is peeing. But its a chunky brown pee. Its running accross my right cheek then fallin into the bowl. Extra cleanup damnit. Its now changed to a slighty harder substabce likebed to cottage cheese and the smell is just terrifying. Oh.. Back to shit piss and its spraying the water back onto my balls. I might need to call in a cleanuo crew for my under carriage.

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dallas (9 days ago)
Holy mother of god. Held this in for 2 days and started crowning at work. No im sweating pushing this monstrous beast outta my turd cutter. Its soild and well packed...... Wait its out and burns my baloon knot. Now its just chocolate shotgunning the bowl. Fuck... Its smells ripe.

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Stlechner (2 weeks ago)
Hey, Keypizzle, your best bet is probably to take a bunch of your diarrhea and put it in the freezer to freeze it into the shape of a big dildo. Then you can take the frozen diarrhea-ice-dildo and starting fucking your butt-hole with it until you feel better. Then, stick it in your pussy. Plus, when it starts melting, the diarrhea will act as a natural lubricant inside your pussy or butt-hole. Just give it a try! If the diarrhea melting doesn't provide enough lube, try taking a big gulp of your diarrhea and then tilt your head back and let it all spill out of your mouth and run down your body. When the drips get down to your pussy, just keep fucking yourself with the diarrhea ice dildo while the liquid diarrhea acts as a lubricant.

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Butch (2 weeks ago)
I'm trapped in here with the Rad Roaches!

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Keypizzle (2 weeks ago)
Just got Super horny over my diareah. I shit it in a big bucket and poured it all over me. Diareah running down my spine. And off my butt. It smelled of dead cats and rotting flesh. I shouldn't have at the tacos i found at the border. My butthole is on fire. It's like a dragon. It feels nice when I put an ice cube up my butthole.

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Flairn (3 weeks ago)
Hey, Bryan, why don't you try eating it then??

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Bryan (3 weeks ago)
Went thru a breakup last night and boy does this shit relieve stress/pain. It's so solid. It's been 10 minutes since I started pooping and I'm still going

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long turd silver (5 weeks ago)
i have a long turd growing out of my butt-hole right now. i say it's part of my body because it won't detach. i try to poop sometimes but it never drops out. it's just a part of my body now. when i'm not on the toilet i have the long turd wrapped in moist paper towels in order to make sure that it doesn't dry out and break off. i wrap it in the moist paper towels and i keep it my pant leg with one of my legs. it slides back and forth a little bit when i walk. sometimes i take off my pants and unwrap the turd in order to examine it, just to make sure it's ok. i use my wet hands to rub it up and down and smooth out any cracks that might occur. that's just the way my life is these days!

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Carly (6 weeks ago)
OK. So, confession time. I was just dropping a crap-load in the toilet, and I crapped SO HARD that my shit made a splash that sprayed water out of the bowl and onto the floor, not to mention all over my pussy. Translation: Yes, I got shit-water in my pussy. I think I'm going to take a shower, or at least wipe my pussy or something.

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Stig (7 weeks ago)
i got DOODOOs comin out my butt yall

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Belmer (8 weeks ago)
You LOOK like a huge shit at the moment, Lulz.

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Lulz (8 weeks ago)
Taking a huge shit at the moment

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Gilper (8 weeks ago)
You LOOK like a giant shit, Pooper.

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